Our big idea is really very simple: we provide the technology and flexibility you need to manage your resort, your way.

Whether you need a website for 50 properties or 500; whether you’re a tourism entrepreneur, a resort manager, or a group of resort homeowners who have had enough of commissions and hefty booking fees, Villa Mastr can boost your rentals and cut your costs.

We made Villa Mastr because we’ve seen the way that the holiday rentals business is going, and we don’t like it. Too many global bookings platforms lining their pockets with booking fees and commissions, whilst guests pay more and hosts get less. Villa Mastr is here to change all that.

We’re putting the heart back into resort-based holiday rentals by focussing on the things that matter most: great people, great properties, great places.

We don’t try to copy the big players in the holiday rentals market: we run rings around them. We want to revolutionise resort-based holiday rentals by providing the best multi-user reservations and management software out there, at the lowest possible cost.

Partnership and collaboration are part of our DNA: we make it easy for every property owner to securely manage their own listings and handle their own bookings, so that everyone benefits. More reach, more impact, and lower prices all round.

Join the revolution! Book a site demo today and see how Villa Mastr could work for you.