With over a decade in the short term rental market we bring a wealth of experience from renting properties to the software and solutions required to support and empower property owners and managers.

Our ethos

Simplicity - we want our software to be intuitive and straightforward to use whether you are a visitor, user or administrator. To achieve this we actively seek feedback from all users of the software. We ask for their advice and we listen. We change our software very regularly, releasing small feature packages. Each release gives us validation against our larger goals for the platform. Functions must be simple. To link an iCal calendar or create a suite of rate bands we don't want any user of our software to have to scratch their head first.

Availability - we know our customers. When you sign up to Villa Mastr as a client you will always talk directly to the people who wrote the software. We love to talk to our clients and throw around ideas for new and changed functionality. We're available throughout the journey exchanging ideas and helping your website grow.

Focus - by constantly engaging our audience and funnelling the value from these engagements into our software we ensure that what we do, we do best. We are clear on the boundaries of our current software. Our software is not for property owners or property managers in control of less than 25 properties. The foundations of our software are predicated on the concept that there will be a divergence between the admin (website owner) and user (party listing property(s) on the website). We want to be "Some Things to All People" not "All Things to All People".

If you think our software is right for you or you're just interested in getting more information please get in touch. We'd be delighted to understand your business goals and show you how Villa Mastr can help you achieve them.

Ewan Miller ‐ Founder ‐ Villa Mastr

Villa Mastr Ltd is a registered UK Company (SC619974)