Manage Content as an Administrator

Simply login to your user account on your VillaMastr hosted website at [your url] through the /admin/ page.

Admin logged in screen

Select Content.

Select Content

You will be presented with the list of pages that come with every website (and you can change content on).

Content List

You will see some items of content are pages and some are individual content items within a page. This is because some pages have multiple sections of content you can edit. Other pages have only one. Table headers provide the following information:

  1. Action - Click appropriate action you wish to make on the item of content
  2. PageID - The unique reference ID for the page
  3. Page Type - Whether Every Page (footer section), Home Page, Contact Multiple Owners Page, Search Page, Display Page (this latter item is a generic page tenplate you can use to add new pages to your website)
  4. Folder Location / URL - The unique page location or url the page resides at
  5. Content Type - Page Content, Footer, Home Page Banner, Home Page Contant All Owners Banner, Home Page Showcase of Services
  6. Last Updated - Time Date content last updated

To update existing content click on Update Content.

On the Update Content Page you will see a tab in the top right of your screen.

Content List

Click on the tab to expose the online content builder.

Content List

Click somewhere on the HTML page content to bring up the content builder edit and make any changes you wish. To change images or links within the page content hover over and you will be prompted to click to change. When ready click the Update Content button at the bottom of the form to save.

Content List

Change an image

Content List

Change a link

Content List