Configuration Options

User Context

All Villa Mastr sites come with ip geolocation capability. What this means the country a visitor resides in is identified and can then be used to present the site in way that meets their location needs. In our config settings for each site an administrator can decide which countries map to which display currency and date format. For example if your site is based in Australia displaying properties in that country you might expect the majority of visitors to come from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. In this situation you could decide to align all users from Australia to AUD, New Zealand to NZD, Japan to JPY, United Kingdom to GBP and United States to USD. You can then set a default should a visitor from a country other than these 5 arrive on the site. You might wish to default all other countries to the world in USD or alternatively AUD if that is the location of the properties on the website. These settings control how a visitor or user will see property pricing rates and date formats on all data entry forms. On first visit this is set and preference can be changed by visitor/user using the currency drop down in the top right of all screens. Once preference set the website will remember this. For each country defined in the configuration settings:

  • Currency
  • Date Format
For all countries not listed a default country/currency/date-format can be set. For EUR currency a set default mapping of all european countries using EUR is configured in the system.

Property Types

The types of property you want to be available on your site can be set. Eg. might be Apartments, Villas, Townhouses or could be Condos, Homes, Townhomes. These settings are heavily used in property search criteria.

Multi-Property Enquiry Criteria

Should you wish to allow visitors to send multiple enquries to all properties falling with a certain criteria, you can set these. For example, a visitor can fill out one form and send a general property enquiry to all properties on the website that are villas with more than 5 bedrooms. A number of these criteria can be set.

Owner Websites

Allow users to add links to their personal property websites on their property listing. Default setting is to make this not permissible.

Google Maps

You can add google maps onto your website property page to indicate location of property with the following settings available:

  • Maptype:
    • roadmap - displays the default road map view. This is the default map type
    • satellite - displays Google Earth satellite images
    • hybrid - displays a mixture of normal and satellite views
    • terrain - displays a physical map based on terrain information
  • Zoom

Website Name

Set the name of the website for use in enquiry emails and HTML page headers eg. Tenerife Holiday Rentals

Website Email

Email address used to send enquiry emails from


Website address

Social media pages

You can add social media links to all page footers for the following social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Googleplus
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest