Your website runs off our server platform. Our pricing model is based on (1) numbers of properties on your website (2) level of support you require from us:

Package Limits Cost & Terms


Max 50 properties

£50/$70 per month

(£1/$1.40 per month per active property listing)


More than 50 properties

£1/$1.40 per month per active property listing

Support - We provide hands on support with commitment to respond to all email support queries within 24hrs of receipt.

Payment Terms - Payment schedule is monthly for first 12 months during which time you can cancel at any time while you build your web presence and decide whether Villa Mastr is right for you. After first 12 months payment made annually in advance. Pricing structure remains unchanged.

Other Services - We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content creation services. Please get in touch for details.